Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Niagare Glen bouldering

Carla, Alan, and I checked out the Niagara bouldering scene last weekend. For the most part I'm an "up" climber and enjoy doing long sport routes over bouldering so the Glen took some getting use to. With every fall being a ground I found it difficult to push myself at first; I wanted to come off on my own accord.

In the GlenPower and grace

It really was not until the second day of bouldering until I could forget about coming off and just climb.

The Glen's boulders are spread over a fairly large area and even with a guidebook we were regularly second guessing our location. Although, there are coloured trail markers which helped with getting from place to place. If you are going there for the first time I suggest starting of in the "Old Country" (follow the red trail) as there are many obvious problems close together. If you are an "up" climber like me you will enjoy the high ball V0 Super Fly Wall. Here is a photo of me on another Old Country high ball problem.

High ball

Checkout some more photos here.

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