Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September in Ottawa = Rain

Ugh ... and I thought last September was depressingly wet. I can only hope that October and November are as awesome as they were last year.

There is also word on the street that Weir is climbable on warm winter days. I have not been there and the guidebook is of course out of print. However, I did find the follow images which I believe are enough to get some idea of where the climbs start.

For more images checkout:

Then there is winter aid which could be fun but I suspect that I'll have to twist arms or go solo. Does anyone like belaying in the cold? I'm not much of an aid climber; I've only try a couple times solo and I used slings in place of aiders. I find the solo aspect narrows options as getting a good ground anchor can be problematic.

Of course, when it is raining there is always plywood and plastic. Speaking of which I climbed TR routes at Coyote last night for the first time in a year. It was a fun change from bouldering. While bouldering has definitely increased my strength I have noticed a drop off in endurance while climbing routes outside. For my ego and being the grade whore that I am here is a list in the order climbed.

5.9 onsight
5.9 onsight
5.11d worked but DNF
5.10d flashed
5.10b flashed
5.10c onsight
5.11d completed but not clean
5.12a completed but not clean

It is nice to list them. Then I remind myself that these grades translate poorly to real rock. Gyms are good for numbers and outside ... there are climbs that I have done and those that I need to work on.

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