Sunday, November 28, 2010

Take your time, enjoy it.

Winter's weather has come to Ottawa in the last week or so. The freezing rain, snow and below zero temperatures have put a damper on climbing. So when today's temperature rose to a balmy +1 degree Celsius I packed my gear and headed for Gatineau. The approach into the Western CWM was an enjoyable walk; crisp air and snow crunching under foot.


The Spindriff Wall was covered in ice which continually showered down with the Sun's heat. The rock on Cave Wall was dry and reasonably warm making Neruda the obvious choice to climb. The CWM has been deserted since the NCC closures as climbers moved outside the park for climbing. I almost never run into another climber there. Well everyone missed out today. The sound of running water and cracking ice on the Spindriff Wall was something special. I took my time and enjoyed it.

Sewing up Neruda on lead solo:

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