Thursday, January 20, 2011

So I returned to the gym yesterday since I could not stay away any longer. I worked on the the new comp problem which went up this past Monday. There are 22 new problems in all. I did the first 10 back-to-back with some discomfort in my finger. After some rest I dispatched 11,12,15, 16 and 17. I tried 13 and 14 but my finger was not going to allow me to these problems so I let them be. The big difference here was static vs dynamic movement. Both 13 and 14 have dynamic movements which I knew would hurt my finger and I just could not commit to the move. As for the other problems they are definite no goes with a hurt finger and it was hard not to get on them.

I woke up to a swollen finger this morning; a sure sign I over did it. Perhaps I should climb routes at gym until my finger is better although I would rather boulder. It might be time to suck up the -10 degree C weather and do some clean aid climbing, I don't know. Maybe tonight's snowboarding with help me not think about climbing.

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