Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fingers, cams and books

So it has been almost a month since I injured my finger and I think there are finally some signs of improvement. For the most part it is just not as sore in the morning when I wake up and the recovery time after climbing is going down. In an effort to continue in this direction, I decided not to go to the gym Thursday. The key now is not to do something stupid in the next two months and have a setback. That is, I need to keep focused on the long term and not the short term enjoyment of working a hard problem. Given that we were on the rock in March last year, outdoor climbing is not that far away.

To pass the time I've read two books,
  • 9 out of 10 climbers make the same mistakes, by Dave MacLeod; and
  • Climbing Anchors 2nd ed. , by John Long and Bob Gaines.
Both are great books and are worth picking up if you don't already own them.

In other news I picked up some used Metolius cams off Mountain Project to complement my BD C4s and C3s. My rack now has 19 cams and a set of nuts weighting in at about 6 pounds. Crazy, I know.

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