Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wild weather in Gatineau

I woke up late, after taking in the Habs game at a local pub, to pockets of blue sky and a strong wind. To avoid vacuuming the house I grab my gear and was off to Gatineau. I was interested in checking out a climb called Bitter Fingers 5.6. It is a first generation CWM climb put up by the usual suspects: Halka, Cotter, Adcock and Prokaopiak. Being 5.6 I figured it would be OK for lead soloing, if it was dry.

After getting to Bitter Fingers I decided it was too wet and the beginning looked kinda friction dependent. A fall would have been ugly given the landing. A no go this time. So to salvage the trip I walked up to Cave Wall to run a quick lap on Neruda.

A small snow storm delayed my ascent by 50 minutes or so until I got a window of sunshine. All and all a good day. Some video from the day:

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