Sunday, July 10, 2011

A short day in Gatineau

I met up with Hedy and some others for a short day in the CWM. I did the usual Neruda warm up, sent Security on TR and took 2 laps on Al on the Run on TR as well. Al on the run is by no means easy but it is starting to feel a lot less strenuous. Like any route or problem, once you have the beta wired, you can save energy by speeding through the hard parts. If I feel good then  next time I'm in the CWM then maybe I'll make a red point attempt.

Hedy send me a couple of photos of me on L'ecaille du dragon, 5.8, 25m, 3 bolts + gear, Montagne d'Argent, Antre du Dragon. Thanks Hedy!

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