Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A visit to Barkeater

Matt and I travelled to the dacks last Saturday to checkout the Barkeater Cliff.  I'm not really motivated to write a trip report at the moment so here is a point form version.

Self portrait while climbing Big Bertha
  • We parked in the Rock and River guide service parking lot as in the guidebook.
  • Approach took about 40 to 50 minutes, 35 minutes on the way out -- guidebook states 25 minutes. 
  • It was a super hot day, the base is mostly shaded but by afternoon we cooked on the wall.
  • The dacks version of G can vary.
  • Most hardware looked reasonable although there are a number of spinners   
Route attempted:
  • Mr Clean, 5.9, 60 feet, gear : When we arrived there was a group on Big Bertha so I gave Mr. Clean a go as the warm up. It was pretty pumpy as a warm up and I ended up resting on a cam. For me the crack provided solid hand jams and good gear. I climbed straight in for the most part with a bit of liebacking to get over the crux. 
  • Mr Clean runs up the corner
  • Big Bertha, 5.6, 60 feet, gear: An easy onsight with lots of good stances to place gear.
    Matt on Big Bertha
  • Fun CiTy, 5.7, 100 feet, gear: Has some wide sections. You can jam straight in or milk the near by parallel crack for hands and feet near the bottom. I ended up doing a lieback near the top to finish.
    Fun CiTy on the left | Fun Country on the right
  •  Fun Country, 5.10, 100 feet, gear: We TRed this climb. A hard crux through a bulge with a flared out crack.
  • Yakapodu, 5.6, 90 feet, gear: I have a story that goes with climb but I'm too sleepy to write about it. It does involve down climbing to the ground from with 20 feet of the top.

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