Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weir, a first look

OK, I'm way behind in posting this so I'll keep it short. Matt, Andrew, Hedy and I checked out Weir last Saturday. The main cliff is impressive and it is a must stop destination for anyone in the region. Looking at the 80m cliff definitely made any route that I have done at Montagne d'Argent, Calabogie and Gatineau feel insignificant.

1) Watch out for poison ivy. If you get off the trail you may find yourself up to your waist in the stuff before you know it.
2) Weir is hot, crazy hot even in September so bring lots of water. I can see climbing there into November if it is sunny.
3) Weir's super fine gain granite is very smooth, almost slick, which can make a seemingly easy looking route into a tricky endeavor. For example, the 1st pitch of Black and White looked straight forward enough from the ground but it turned into a slow grind; a mental battle from the get go. I did manage to get the onsight but it was hard enough to scare me away from the upper pitches. Next time.

Me moving through the crux, P1 Black and White. Photo: Hedy Lau

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