Sunday, January 15, 2012

Staying active

To keep myself from going crazy due to a shoulder injury I have been staying active by cross country skiing. It does bother my shoulder a bit but at least it is a different movement than climbing. Over the past weekend Cynthia, Patrick and I set out from P19 in Gatineau Park for a 12km loop to Taylor Lake. It was a balmy -20 degrees Celsius but with little wind it was a beautiful day. The skiing along trail (parkway) #50 to #55 (Taylor Lake Rd) and then onto Taylor Lake was quite enjoyable with scenic views at Lac Renaud. The loop back along #55 has a blue portion of trail with a very steep section that I took a good fall on but the rest was manageable.  The linkup to #51 and back to P19 was a great way to end the day.     

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