Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter blues

Holy cow, I have not posted in awhile. You know, I have the usual excuses: holiday travels, work, sleep or lack there of, yada yada yada and it has been 1.5 months since I last posted. Now that is out of the way I can talk about climbing. 

As always, January is a good time to recount the climbs of the past outdoor season and look forward to the next. Last year at this time I outlined This year's goal. It included getting multi pitch trad experience, well that did not happen. Although I did climb the first pitch of Black and White at Weir, I did not have the stomach to try the upper pitches. However, some of last year's goals were partially met with A visit to Barkeater with Matt in the Dacks, fighting with the Colonel at La Petit folie, part deux with Gen, and a Mid week at Montagne d'Argent battle royal against Coeur vaillant with Pete. And, although it did not seem like I was climbing that much I did manage to climb 70 or so, (non-distinct, i.e. lots of repeats) pitches. For the detailed list see Lists are good, spring season review .

What will next season bring? I'm not really sure. I know I want to continue climbing as much trad as possible which means traveling away from the Ottawa region. I'm not the biggest fan of sitting in a car. Anyway, I should definitely get to Vlad David more and Montagne d'Argent still has lots of lines to try. Of course, a return to Weir is a must and the Dacks too. Perhaps, this year I should make a tick list of climbs to complete ... I'll have to think about that.

At the moment I have lots of time for making lists. I'm currently taking time off from the gym in hopes my shoulder heals. Yep, I was pulling too much, too long and too hard on the same plywood and plastic boulder problems. In the past, this time of year has been dangerous for my fingers: I over did it and That time of year; I had hoped this winter would be different. I guess it is my shoulder this year instead, which reminds me, I should be stretching it.

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