Monday, September 3, 2012

Calabogie, more hornets

I warmed up on some of the usual routes at Calabogie and then worked a route between Breakfast Cookie and Tipytoe. There is no name plaque so it is hard to say what the grade is, 5.11 ish maybe? There are two bolts with the first one being fairly high off the ground. At the second bolt the climb starts to overhang and moves up through a fairly large roof on gear. Placing gear is strenuous. I placed a #1 C3, #.75 C4, #00 C3 and a #.4 C4; all the gear is bomber. A fun climb, it is going to take some effort to get it clean though.

Oh yeah and there are some hornets at Calabogie now. However, no where near the number at Home Cliff. Also, people, plese pickup your garbage! I'm going to have to start carrying extra bags with all the junk I have been picking up at the local crags lately. Show some respect for our crags and leave no trace.

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