Sunday, November 11, 2012

In the CWM, it's November already!

Well today's climbing plans were cancelled due to rain so I ended up filling leaf bags all day with yard waste. I guess it is November already. The number of possible outdoor days is now approaching zero as work, weather and other commits are getting in the way of climbing. Who knows, maybe last weekend's outing to the CWM with be the last of the season. I hope not.

Last weekend, I hit the Western CWM to run a few lead solo laps on the usual routes. I figure that this late in the season I would have the place to myself. So it was to my surprise to find the place packed with Algonquin College students taking an outdoors course. --- I also saw a few of the usual suspects in the CWM. I hope you had a good day Mr Gibbs and crew---- This meant most of my easy lead solo route were occupied. Luckily, I ran into some other climbers (Max, Jerry, Nancy? (I'm bad with names, sorry if this is not right)) in the parking lot on the way in which means I had more route options.

I decided to warm-up by leading Al on the run. For me this is far from a warm-up but I did manage to clip the 2nd bolt without trouble. The trouble came as I pumped out heading toward the third bolt after the crux moves. I tried Al on the run three times from the ground and even got above the roof only to pump out and come off trying to get my weight over my heel hook. I believe if I warmed up properly I could get the redpoint.

To work the pump out of my arms I lead Neruda and then returned to Al on the run to send it on TR. I also ran a TR lap on Security which flowed super well that day. To cap off the day I lead Bitter Fingers. For a no expectation day it turned out to be lots of fun.        

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