Monday, November 19, 2012

More November climbing in the CWM

Being able to get out climbing yesterday,  after a couple days of travelling for work, was priceless. On the way to Cave Wall Pete and I stopped off to lead Bitter Fingers. It was a cool morning.

With the over night temperature now below zero the rock was cold and unforgiving at first. I motored up Bitter Fingers to avoid freezing my fingers. Pete on the other hand, on his onsight attempt, took more time and with wooden fingers took a short fall onto a solid #2 camalot. The beginning of Bitter Fingers is not as straight forward as it looks.

Once Bitter Fingers was ticked off we moved to Cave Wall for a quick lap on Neruda, as the second warm up climb. Cave Wall gets all day sun this time of year (since the leaves are off the trees) so it is a good choice in cooler temps. By leading Bitter Fingers and Neruda first, it gave Al on the run some time to warm up.     

I have been giving Al on the run a lead attempt here and there through out the year when I'm in the CWM. I figure one of these times I'll get the redpoint. This last attempt was my best yet. I climbed through to the roof, clipped the third draw, clipped the rope but ran out of gas trying to pull over the roof. After a short hang I lowered a bit, pulled the roof and finish off the climb. So close.

Next up I decided to lead Security. The bottom went fine but I screwed up my feet and hands just past the first bolt and off I went. At this point I was not really sure I wanted to continue. In the end I did get back on and with some encouragement (heckling) from Pete I clawed my way to the top. A good day indeed.


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