Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Calabogie, Breakfast cookie

Cynthia and I stopped by Calabogie on our way back to Ottawa after Turkey Day in Belleville. We meet up with Pete, Iris, Matt and Hedy in the main climbing area to warm up. I ran up Phasers on Stun 5.5 to put up a TR for Cynthia. The rock was cool but not too bad. I did another lap on Phaser on Stun to clean the anchor and a TR lap on an unnamed route down by Calabogie Sunset.

Cynthia climbing Phasers on Stun
Feeling somewhat warmed up I decided to give Breakfast Cookie a lead attempt. I had heard some talk of it being harder than 5.10b; although it did not look too bad from the ground. As it turned out, I got the onsight. The crux is definitely between the third and four bolt. As for the grade, it could be debated depending on your preferred style of climbing. I would say 10b or 10c seems fair.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coyote, Fall Classic bouldering

Coyote had it's Fall Classic bouldering comp this past weekend which means 66 new boulder problems to try. Last night I ticked off 1 to 36 and number 43. I was hoping to flash all the problems to 40 but I fell off 37 after running out of steam. I tried a couple of the 50's and few 40's as well; there are definitely some hard problems (for me) to work on.