Sunday, December 23, 2012

Montagne a Deux Tetes

A lookout near cache GC3C51E

Found caches on Montagne a Deux Tetes
Cynthia, her dad and I have been geocaching in and around the Quebec City area during the Christmas break. In the past few days we found 41 caches with 22 of them in a single push up Montagne a Deux Tetes yesterday.

Lots of snow - nearing
 the summit
Looking for a bigger geocaching and climbing objective Cynthia's dad suggested Montagne a Deux Tetes. We started out of the parking lot at 10:50am, completed all the caches and returned to the car at 4:20 pm. The total round trip was about 9.5 km with an elevation gain of 300 meters according to our GPS. Although, other sources put the gain at 400 meters. In any event, the knee deep snow made the climb challenging enough. Snowshoes were a must.

For some reason the scale is in nautical miles. 1 nm = 1,852 m

The trail itself starts climbing right out of the parking lot and after two caches I was already removing layers. At the same time Cynthia added some preventative band-aids to her heels to ward off any late day blisters.

The snow covered trees and trail made for a fantastic hike up the mountain side. Getting the off trail caches in the deep snow took a fair amount of effort, especially if we did not see the cache right away. A couple times I ended up in a depression with what seemed like waist deep snow.

To re-fuel we stopped for peanut butter sandwiches at a lookout near cache GC3C51E. All in all, we all really enjoyed Montagne a Deux Tetes, perhaps one of the nicest trails we have done in the area. Thanks to the people who placed theses caches that got us out there.