Monday, September 2, 2013

What goes in, must come out?

It has been a awhile since I posted and for the most part, it is because I have not had anything too exciting to say. Not that, that has stopped me in the past though. I have not had a big sending day in awhile. You know one of those days where it all clicks and somehow you get that hard onsight or redpoint or simply just climb many routes. In any case, I have been climbing at the usual places Calabogie, Luskville and a trip or two to Montagne d'Argent.

I was out at Home Cliff yesterday. After climbing Peggy and Piton highway I gave Direttissisma two attempts. I got to the top both times but came off a few times between the second and third bolt. It is a fun route with clean falls.

Also, while at Home Cliff I manage to get a #3 Camalot so stuck I had to leave it behind; I must have tired for an hour to free it. Today I returned on a solo mission to recover it. As luck would have it, the cam came out rather quickly.

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