Sunday, January 13, 2013

Looking for ice at Calabogie

What are these for and where is all the rock? Yep, I'm quite new to ice.

After a forecast of 9 degrees C with a chance of rain, Cynthia and I change our cross country skiing plans this pass Saturday to ice climbing at Calabogie. I was not sure there would be much climbable ice left but at least we could go snowshoeing. I also pack a small rack and my rock shoes in case there was any dry rock. There was not. Even the overhanging routes were soaked.

Meeting up with Pete, Iris, Mandy, Matt and Lindsay we had a great day. Notes from the day include:
  •  Cynthia climbed her first ice route and did quite well for someone, who, not that long ago climbed outside for the first time. Watching Cynthia give it her all on the route and not giving up despite a couple falls was awesome.     
  • I down climbed an ice route for the first time. 
  • My new black diamond arc gloves worked out great; I also use them for cross country skiing.
  • Calabogie is not the best spot to find dry rock in the winter; the Western CWM is a better bet.